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Car Export Service

You are looking for an easy way to buy cars net in Germany? ATS provides this service to EU car dealers or private persons and car dealers from third countries the possibility. Your main advantage: You do not have to pay 19% deposit and we are checking all details around the purchase for you with the German car dealership.

Uncomplicated Net Handling

The process is simple! You can find your prefered car at the German car dealer (for example on mobile.de or AutoScout24.de) and send us the link to the vehicle, which we may buy for you. After checking all details for you (price, condition etc.) we are buying the car, pay it incl. 19% German VAT and you buy the car from our company net, excluding 19% VAT. We offer this service to all companies from the EU, as well as private individuals and companies from third countries.

Find your car

We are happy to assist you in your search for your car. Hundreds of young used and new vehicles of various brands are located in our nationwide network of German car dealers. Simply send us a message with the key data of the car, which you would like to buy net in Germany: Manufacturer, model, color, features, price.

Car Transport

Now you have bought your car from our German company, but have no transport to the targeted country? We can connect you to various transport and logistic companies from our network, with whom we have already gained good experience.

Car Net Export

We buy your desired car from the German car dealer, pay the car including VAT and sell it to you net – you safe 19% German VAT. Also we take care of the export handling and all the paper works.

Car Search

We are connected to a huge German car dealer network which offer BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW, Range Rover and other car brands. We assist you to find the right car for your needs.

Transport Service

In case you don´t have the possibility to bring your new car from Germany to your destination country, we can connect you to one of the transport companies we are corporating with.

Buy Cars Net from Germany

Experienced in international sales and export since 2006

New and Used

Resale of young used and new cars possible as well


Contact us in Macedonian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Albanian, English or German

Fast Processing

Your competent contact persons will take care of your car purchase fast and easily.

Office Locations

We work for you at the locations Skopje, Macedonia and Berlin, Germany.

Automotive Network

Over the years, we have developed a huge network in the automotive industry.

Our prices are simple

We are dealing all necessary conditions about the car purchase directly with the car dealership in Germany for you – just send us over all details about the car you already have and we get in contact with the car dealership to buy the car for you.

We will try to get the best possible price for you, which will be the base for our calculation. We communicate our purchase prices transparently.

Up to 20.000,-€


From 20.001€


The mentioned fee includes the pre-financing of the German VAT as well as our handling fee for the net car purchase.

EU-Members: Companies from the EU have to pay a deposit which is about 1% of the net-car value (rounded up to the next 100 EUR).

Non-EU-Members: In case companies and private persons from Non-EU-Countries transport the car with a professional shipping company, we do not charge a deposit. If the car will be picked up by the customer, we charge a deposit amounting to 19% which will be refunded, as soon as we have the proof of export from the border.

How can I buy a car from Germany as an EU-Member?

You just send us by email all details you have about the car (and also possible agreements you have already made with the seller) + the link to the advert on mobile.de, autoscout24.de, etc. Also we need to have your full company details (name, address and VAT number) as well as a copy of the company owners passport.

How can I buy a car from Germany as a Non-EU-Member?

You just send us by email all details you have about the car (and also possible agreements you have already made with the seller) + the link to the advert on mobile.de, autoscout24.de, etc. Also we need to have your full company details (name, address and VAT number) as well as a copy of the company owners passport.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

To offer the VAT free car sales to companies from the EU and to companies and private persons outside the EU, we have the obligation to proof the export. In case we can not proof, we have to pay the 19% VAT to the German tax office afterwards. For that reason we are charging a deposit to the customer until we have all required documents together for a clean export documentation and pay back of the deposit.

Who do I buy the car from?

We buy your car from the German car dealer and pay it incl. 19% german VAT. Then we sell it to you net. You are purchasing the car from ATS – Auto Trade Services GmbH.

How does the payment take place?

For a binding purchase we need a pre-payment of at least 10% from the business bank account to our business bank account via wire transfer. As soon as we have completely paid the car at the car dealer ship we can make an appointment for the transport of the car from the dealer ship to the target country.

Where can I pick up my car?

After the car is completely paid, you can pick up your car at the car dealer directly. For this we are sending a pick up authorisation which authorises the transport company to pick up the car in Germany and transport it to your target country.

Is it possible to buy non car related products net?

Yes it is! Basically we can puchase everything you need in Germany including the 19% German VAT and sell it to you net. We have also a lot of experience in purchasing car-parts, boats and boat equipment. Just send us your inquiry and we will check, if we can assist you.


Please find answers on the most frequently asked questions in this section. Please don´t hesitate to contact us, if you have any other questions.

Let´s start buying cars!

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